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Death from above?

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Chemtrails Have you heard of chemtrails, those strange cloud-like trails sometimes seen in the skies above? If you have heard of them, do you fear them? Do you believe that these chemtrails might be connected to your ongoing health problems or that they are the cause of recent destructive earthquakes? Do you believe that powerful, covert forces are spraying death from above, and that a massive conspiracy is hiding this evil intent from the general public?

More likely you haven't heard of chemtrails, and even the few of you that have probably giggle at how seemingly intelligent people could be so gullible. Why on spying strange clouds do they embrace and spread the silly conspiracy that we are being attacked? So what are chemtrails, and why do some credulous people spend their days scanning the skies for them, and hiding from them?

What are chemtrails?

Chemtrails Chemtrails evidently is short for chemical trails, visible trails of chemicals that are sprayed from aircraft. They are similar to contrails, those smoke-like trails that are sometimes left by high flying jets. The difference is that contrails are merely trails of water vapour from jet exhausts that some jets create under certain atmospheric conditions, and are harmless. Chemtrails on the other hand are clouds or trails of chemicals that are deliberately sprayed over certain areas to achieve a certain goal. A small plane spraying pesticide on crops or fertiliser on paddocks would be a very small scale and localised example of chemical spraying that we in NZ are all familiar with. However chemtrails are different in scale, perhaps affecting an entire country, or perhaps even the entire planet, chemtrails evidently being observed in most every country on Earth. Also the public hasn't been told that it's even going on, let alone told what the mysterious chemical spray is designed to achieve. Authorities have denied that any mass chemical spraying is even being undertaken.

That at least is what the chemtrail proponents want the public to believe, that some unknown powerful force is spraying humanity as if we were some annoying bug that they wished to exterminate, or at least control. They insist that we are indeed being sprayed and that a massive and powerful conspiracy has kept this knowledge from the general public. Seemingly only the truly intelligent, skeptical and open minded among us have realised that mysterious, powerful, evil forces are pitted against us. No, seriously, they really believe this.

So who might these evil forces be? A group within the American government, our own government, Satan, advanced aliens or some secret group such as the Freemasons or the Illuminati? What reasons might they have for attacking us with toxic chemicals, and what evidence is there that this is even happening, that these perceived 'chemtrails' are not simple contrails or just clouds or other natural atmospheric phenomena? Let's look at these questions, firstly why.

Why are we being sprayed?

The reasons offered for the existence of these chemtrails are varied and no single reason is accepted by those silly enough to believe in them, they are in effect arguing with each other as well as with skeptics.

Some believe the chemicals are designed for population control, either to prevent overpopulation, or in the most extreme case, to wipe out humanity completely. Others claim that the chemicals are for mind control, either by controlling us with a form of hypnosis, by drugging us into a happy and placid state, or by lowering our intelligence and our ability to resist their commands. Still others insist that chemtrails are an attempt to control or even cause global warming and climate change. Yet others believe the chemtrails are a way of controlling the weather and/or creating earthquakes. These are the popular reasons, although there are others, limited only by your ignorance and paranoia it seems, such as a way of stopping human evolution and hiding the catastrophic approach of Planet X. Some proponents adopt one conspiracy and dismiss the rest as ridiculous, while some are happy to believe several, even though reason would suggest that they often contradict each other. Perhaps looking at who is attacking us will reveal their motivation?

Who is doing the spraying?

Like the proposed reasons for the chemtrails, the answer to who is supposedly creating them also varies and chemtrail proponents are again arguing with each other.

In most cases it is evidently secret, powerful organisations that are bent on world domination and a new world order. Sometimes this means actual groups within real governments, meaning that the USA, Britain, Russia and even NZ etc may be the culprits. Only one government may be responsible, or several, or perhaps all are complicit, proponents can't agree. Some people describe these covert government groups as 'Black Ops', meaning black or secret operations, and point towards black helicopters and black SUVs, fill of people dressed in black. Others claim that secret organisations independent from governments are responsible, such as the Illuminati or the Masons. You may have also noticed that one reason offered for why we are being spayed is to wipe out humans completely, and wonder what group would attempt this foolhardy move? Aliens, that's who, evil aliens that want this planet for their own. The alien group that receives most of the blame is the alien described as the shape-shifting reptilian alien. This is the alien that the moronic conspiracy theorist David Icke pushes in his books and lectures, and Icke maintains that Queen Elizabeth and others of the British royal family are actually these reptilian aliens. This might explain some of their royal arrogance with regards to the rest of us, but if arrogance, pretentiousness, eccentricity or simply people that have trouble fitting into society signalled aliens in human form, then we are surrounded by these aliens. But we don't believe these aliens even exist, let alone are killing us with their chemtrails.

So the three main culprits are either our own governments, acting independently or most likely with other governments, secret organisations that most of the public believe don't even exist, such as the Illuminati, evil Jewish cabals (and maybe even Hogwarts or Jedi Knights), or dastardly aliens bent on our destruction. There are even some who believe all three groups are working together to achieve their ends. But are they really?

What evidence is there for chemtrails?

There are many Internet websites dedicated to alerting the public to the dangers of chemtrails, offering numerous photos and videos of nebulous trails in the sky. But of course it's very easy to take these photos when in most cases chemtrails are indistinguishable from real contrails or real clouds. Having said that, contrails are not a common sight in much of NZ, whereas in certain states of the US they are everywhere, and this is where I saw my first contrails. I've seen more contrails in one hour in the US than I've seen in my entire life in NZ. Evidently the make-up of the atmosphere, the height of the jets, the amount of aircraft traffic etc all impact on whether contrails are a common sight.

The conflict arises when what we would call a contrail or a cloud is identified as a chemtrail by those that claim there is a conspiracy afoot. These people offer their photos as evidence of the existence of chemtrails, but this is no different from someone showing us a photo of Queen Elizabeth and claiming that it actually shows a shape-shifting reptilian alien that merely looks like Queen Elizabeth. As we've said, amazingly some believers in chemtrails actually do believe that Queen Elizabeth is a shape-shifting reptilian alien and is connected to chemtrails. To us is seems a little specious to merely claim that chemtrails generally look the same as contrails, and that you can't usually tell them apart. Seriously guys, are photos of clouds really your best evidence?

So apart from pretty photos, do chemtrail proponents provide solid evidence that chemtrails aren't contrails, and that they are made of harmful chemicals rather than water vapour? No, they don't. The most these people do is to look for events that they are not happy with and try and suggest chemtrails are the cause. Some deduce that if their health is not as good as they believe it should be then they conclude that they have been poisoned. If they have a headache or are feeling lethargic or their IQ isn't as high as their work colleagues, then they assume they are being drugged, and that this is causing their symptoms. And the source of their exposure to these poisons/chemicals must have been that strange cloud they saw in the sky a week ago. Alcohol, obesity, drugs, an unhealthy lifestyle or even a real natural illness are not to blame, someone is deliberately poisoning them and making them ill. And on and on the silly reasoning goes. If the weather is overcast, when weather astrologer Ken Ring said it would be fine, then obviously someone is controlling the weather. If an earthquake strikes an area not known for quakes (or at least not known in their short memory), then obviously it wasn't natural, someone caused it. If a friend is having trouble getting pregnant, then obviously someone has suppressed her fertility. If another friend is struggling to pass exams, then obviously someone has lowered their IQ. Chemtrails are offered as the cause of these numerous problems, but never is evidence produced that chemtrails are truly the culprit, or indeed, that chemtrails even exist. Blaming chemtrails for their perceived problems is no different to Christians blaming Satan, or Scientologists blaming thetans, and just as silly. Let's now look at how ridiculous typical claims for chemtrails are.

Some problems with their silly conspiracies

Most chemtrail nutters come from the USA and apparently this is where the nonsense first became popular in the 1990s. Let's start with the popular assumption that covert departments within the US government, and only the US, are creating the chemtrails. Again, reasons offered cover population control, mind control, weather control etc. The question is not so much why they are doing it, but whether they could keep their efforts secret? This is not one or two people with a little crop-spraying plane flying over some small town. These are large planes, hundreds of them, flying over not just every state of the USA, but most countries on Earth, including NZ. Thousands of people, at least, must be employed to produce the chemicals, transport them to secret airports, fly the planes, maintain the planes, feed the crews, all the while keeping what they are doing secret. All the people manning US civilian and military radars and not privy to their mission must somehow be convinced to ignore their unusual flight paths. Every government on Earth must be prepared to ignore these strange planes that continually enter their air space and fly in grid patterns backwards and forwards across their country, spraying something. Even if the pilots and ground crew etc are not told the purpose of their flights and why their planes are fill of spray equipment, we're asked to believe that none are at all curious or worried about what they are spraying over their fellow citizens or the citizens of foreign countries. Even if only a few at the top know exactly what they are doing, it is utterly unbelievable that of thousands of support crew not a single one has been curious enough or suspicious enough to raise concerns with the media etc. Remember that these workers will have also read about chemtrails and the claims of poisoning, and yet evidently have still not connected what they do with these claims. Not one of thousands has thought of blowing the whistle. Remember also that the US has had both Republican and Democrat governments over the years, and while they claim to be opponents in the public eye, fighting over every policy change, both have supposedly agreed to keep the chemtrail operation secret. As we've said elsewhere, only two people knew about the blowjobs Monica Lewinsky gave President Clinton, and even that couldn't be kept a secret. We'll believe in fairies before we'll believe that thousands of Americans could, and happily would, keep the vile secret that they were obediently poisoning their fellow Americans, which would include their own family and friends.

Another version of this conspiracy removes the problem of foreign governments apparently not noticing strange planes spraying their countries by claiming that all governments have colluded, either allowing the Americans to enter and spray their countries or else agreeing to do the spraying with their own resources. Of course this just makes the problem of keeping chemtrails secret far worse. Now in addition to the Americans, we have thousands of Kiwis, Australians, British, Europeans, Russians etc that know all about chemtrails and are perhaps making them and yet still not one single person has blabbed about what is going on. Even countries and political parties that hate each other are perfectly willing to join with their enemies and keep chemtrails secret. Isn't it astounding that for decades every politician and military official from every country that are familiar with chemtrails have agreed for the need to continue with the spraying and to keep it secret? Every one from president and prime minister right down to those that fill the planes with chemicals and fuel is committed to hiding what they are doing from their family and friends. Every known organisation on the planet, including governments and the military, has its bad apples, employees that are more than willing to steal from and sell out their employers and country, and yet not one is prepared to gain wealth and fame by exposing the evil of chemtrails. Likewise, many organisations, including governments and the military, have people of integrity that willingly become whistleblowers when they learn of an injustice. But not it seems when it comes to the secret of chemtrails, the poisoning of fellow citizens, family and friends. Even the snoopy media that are always on the lookout for a great story, who broke the Watergate, Iran-Contra and Clinton/Lewinsky scandals, the Catholic priest sex scandals and recently the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal, even they seemingly have agreed to ignore the chemtrail claims.

The logistics of spraying the entire planet, or even just a few countries, and keeping it secret from the public would be enormous and impossible. That not one person from among the thousands involved wouldn't disagree with chemtrails and spill the beans is totally unbelievable. Look at climate change and religion, even experts can't agree, but not one person involved with chemtrails disagrees with the need for them. But of course most silly conspiracies rely on this nonsense that no one disagrees or is willing to gossip.

The argument might be offered that politicians, military officers, pilots and even radar operators would happily keep what they were doing secret if the reason for the chemtrails was crucial and vitally important to the future of humanity. But if thousands of people can be easily convinced that chemtrails are necessary, then obviously the same argument and reasoning would work on the general public and everyone would happily support the need for chemtrails. There would be no need for secrecy, everyone would come on board.

Of course our politicians and neighbours may not be creating the chemtrails, some believe it is aliens. Of course if this were true then chemtrail proponents need to explain why the governments and military of every country that these aliens are spraying take no notice of these strange planes crisscrossing their country spraying unknown chemicals. We know that no one, aliens or otherwise, could create chemtrails without the military or civilian organisations noticing and investigating. Some might then insist that the aliens are working with the knowledge of the government and military, but this again just brings thousands of humans into the loop and the need to explain why none have spoken out about the aliens and their mission. Another flaw is that aliens are normally accused of wishing to eliminate humans with their chemtrails, so why would thousands of humans willingly go along with a plan for their own extermination? This scenario would make it even more likely that someone would squeal and warn the rest of us. But no one has. Also we are talking highly advanced aliens here. We know they are technologically far in advance of us since they have managed to travel to Earth. That these advanced aliens could think of nothing more effective than slowing flying over us in man-made planes spraying us with strange chemicals is unbelievable. Why do they park up their sophisticated flying saucers and use our old planes? Even we mere humans have biological and chemical weapons that could very quickly and very efficiently wipe out every human on the planet. Surely the aliens have far more impressive weapons and/or could greatly improve on our biological and chemical weapons and release those? But look around you, whatever they're doing, it's not working. The fact that we're still here debunking chemtrails convincingly argues that advanced aliens are not attacking us.

This argument against aliens also shines a similar light on the problem with chemtrails if our governments and military are the ones attacking us with chemicals. Whether the chemtrails are for population control, mind control, climate change control or weather control etc. — again — they don't seem to be working.

Birthrates are falling in Western countries, because of the availability of contraception and personal choice, but not because of some mysterious unknown cause. There is no indication that population, birthrates or pregnancy rates are being affected by chemicals falling from the sky. Furthermore, if you wanted to control the total population, you would target countries with large increases such as Africa, not countries where population increase was not such a problem.

If these chemtrails are supposedly impacting on our health, in a negative way, then why aren't we getting noticeably sicker? The fact is that in Western countries we're healthier and longer living than we have ever been in history. Certainly we have problems with heart disease, obesity, cancer etc, but this is a clear result of lifestyle choices and longevity, not covert groups poisoning us with imaginary chemtrails. Another problem with chemtrails is that simply everyone gets sprayed! Since chemtrails stay around for some considerable time, those that are doing the spraying are poisoning themselves as well, in addition to their family and friends. If you're making people sterile, brain washing them or killing them outright, why would you do it to yourself as well? Chemtrails are not a once in a lifetime event where people in the know can hide indoors or in some underground shelter until the danger passes. You're being exposed every other day, and in some places every day. Conspiracy nutters suggest you stay indoors when you see a chemtrail forming and stay away from work etc. This is as stupid as earthquake predictor Ken Ring suggesting you tell your boss you're taking the day off and running into the fields on the days that he predicts earthquakes. What employer would happily let you stay away from work most days, simply because you were fearful of a scary cloud-like trail in the sky? Let's remember that Ring would have you hiding nearly every day of every month, and likewise since some areas can see chemtrails most days, you must hide inside most days like a wimpy vampire.

And why, as these nutters suggest you do, would you be safe inside you house? The air we breathe gets inside our houses, so why wouldn't the harmful chemicals sprayed into the air also make it inside? Obviously critical thinking is not a strong point of these conspiracy theorists, most of who seem to be a sandwich short of a packed lunch.

What about the efficiently of the method they are using to affect us with some chemical or biological agent? If you want to secretly and effectively infect the general population are chemtrails the sensible way to do it? Not at all. For a start, chemtrails are blatantly obvious, so hardly a very secret way of poisoning people. Also chemtrails (actually contrails) are created by jets at around 7,500 to 12,000 metres, and at this height their creators would have no control over how they dispersed, that is, who the chemicals actually fell on. That is why planes that spray crops etc fly very low, just tens of metres, so that the spray actually hits the target and doesn't blow somewhere else or become too diluted before it settles. If you really wanted to spray a specific target, say a city or town, then you would fly very low, or not fly at all, just drive around spraying from tanker trucks disguised as street sweepers. Another method that would be far more efficient would be to place the chemical or biological agent in the food or the water supply. Some chemtrail proponents claim that biological agents such as harmful bacteria are contained in the chemtrails. They fail to realise that many biological agents are quite fragile and are destroyed by sunlight and would be dead before they reached the ground. The fact is that any group with obviously huge resources and knowledge and the desire to poison us would not choose to disperse their chemical or biological agents with chemtrails. Only stupid people would choose that method.

Some paranoid chemtrail proponents have suggested that the chemicals are designed to act as a tracer, as a marker taken up by people so that intelligence agencies can detect where people are gathering in groups. Using their instruments tuned to these specific chemicals they can see where people are without going out and looking. But how could this be useful? All they would know is that a hundred people are gathered at a certain place, not who they were or what they were doing. Is it a church meeting, a sports event, a council meeting or a terrorist convention? To claim that we are all being marked with the same chemical or mark and that this can be of any use to the authorities is just evidence that these idiots are incapable of thinking their ideas through. They're just not that bright.

If the chemtrails are for some form of mind control, again there is no evidence that the population in areas that experience large numbers of 'chemtrails' have suddenly begun to exhibit stupid behaviour or turn into zombies. Of course every area does have stupid and gullible people — such as those that believe in chemtrails — but they were already stupid and gullible before the planes flew overhead. If there is a believable conspiracy to dumb down society, it's called TV, not chemtrails. Seriously though, most if not all countries want their populace to be intelligent, knowledgable and sophisticated, a superiority that would give them an advantage in competition with other countries, so it seems silly to deliberately make your own citizens less intelligent when compared to others. Wouldn't you just spray foreign countries? Even if all countries were dumbing down their citizens, wouldn't you suspect that one country might only pretend to spray their country and therefore become the dominant intellectual power in the world? As for a form of mind control that doesn't affect intelligence but allows the authorities to create a compliant population that is law abiding and obedient to whatever the government decrees, again this is obviously not working in any country on the planet. Even if we just look at the USA, there are still plenty of criminals thumbing their noses at the authorities, and there should only be one political party since multiple parties indicate disagreements over policies.

What about controlling or even causing global warming and climate change? If through the use of chemtrails authorities were able to control, limit and even stop climate change, then they would be openly explaining how chemtrails were our salvation from the potential disasters that we thought climate change might inflict on us. Likewise if they had a way of controlling climate change they would not be wasting time and huge resources on finding other ways to combat climate change when they already have the answer. If they are using chemtrails to actually cause climate change disasters, then again why waste time and huge resources trying to find ways of combating themselves? But again, there is no evidence that their chemtrails, even if they existed, could control or cause climate change.

Next we have the claim that chemtrails are created to control the weather and/or create earthquakes. Considering how obviously unpredictable both the weather and earthquakes are (regardless of what deluded astrologer Ken Ring claims), and how everyone including the authorities are normally caught unawares by disastrous weather and earthquakes, one could assume that most people of average intelligence would easily realise that no unknown groups are controlling the weather or earthquakes. But no, self-deluded and paranoid people among us are convinced that powerful groups are the cause of nasty weather and deadly quakes.

The trigger that prompted us to write this article debunking chemtrails was a link a fellow skeptic called Nick sent us to this website: 'NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH', run by a self-deluded conspiracy theorist by the name of Clare Swinney, which she notes is 'A Place To Post Information About Your Sightings of Chemtrails & More'. Swinney (and others) also refer to chemtrails as 'STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL GEOENGINEERING', which give them a real pseudoscientific ring.

Clare Swinney's personal claim to fame seems to be that she 'wrote for 'Investigate Magazine' from 2000-2005', which to us is just further evidence that her grasp on reality is rather tenuous. Not that she didn't write for 'Investigate', the magazine run by Christian fundamentalist Ian Wishart, but that the implication is that this experience might have made her a believable investigative journalist. When some of Swinney's 9/11 conspiracy theories were mentioned on the Internet in 2006 with the implication that she might still work for the magazine, Ian Wishart of 'Investigate' magazine was quick to state that '...Clare Swinney has not written for Investigate for nearly a year. None of what she is talking about now has appeared in Investigate, nor would it. Get your facts straight...'. So even 'Investigate' magazine, which is no stranger to pushing conspiracy theories and fantasies, is distancing itself from Swinney. And while happy to mention her time at 'Investigate' magazine, for some reason Swinney seems reluctant to reveal that she has since been writing for 'UNCENSORED' magazine, which in comparison almost makes 'Investigate' seem like a paragon of truth and wisdom.

On her chemtrail website Swinney raised this topic: 'Major Earthquake Strikes Near Christchurch — Was HAARP Technology Responsible?' Swinney asked this question because she believes that 'chemtrails are used with HAARP technology... and this technology can be and is used to cause earthquakes. Furthermore, a chemtrail was apparent on the day of this quake, in the quake zone... ' This is more evidence, if more were needed, that Ken Ring's claim that the moon caused Christchurch's earthquakes is nonsense. Evidently, according to Swinney, it was an evil government with their HAARP weapon in unison with chemtrails that attacked Christchurch. But why was Christchurch targeted, was it something they said? And it's not just Christchurch, destructive earthquakes worldwide are being attributed to HAARP and chemtrails by conspiracy theorists. But what reason would the USA have for attacking both Christchurch and Haiti, for example? The US is at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and not doing so well, so why direct a powerful weapon at Christchurch, one of their allies, rather than at their enemies? Remember also that the US operates out of the Christchurch airport for their Antarctic flights, so again, why attack your own people and facilities? What are those Americans up to? Let's also remember that people testing weapons of mass destruction don't test them on their own cities or those of their friends. The US when testing the atom bomb didn't drop one on Christchurch to see if it worked. This would suggest that the attack on Christchurch by HAARP wasn't a test, it was deliberate and designed to kill, so proponents must convincingly explain why if we are to take their claims seriously. This they have failed to do.

HAARP is indeed a real American scientific research program — The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program — that is investigating the ionosphere, mainly from a facility in Alaska. According to Wikipedia they hope to develop 'ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes'. Their research data is publicly available and they even allow citizens to tour the entire facility once a year, so they are not the top-secret group that conspiracy theorists pretend they are. According to computer scientist David Naiditch, HAARP is 'a magnet for conspiracy theorists' because 'its purpose seems deeply mysterious to the scientifically uninformed'.

In her article Swinney also introduces and refers us to another chemtrail nutter by the name of 'Rose of Kaikoura', who writes, '[W]e got shaken out of bed this morning... The HAARP quakes are at a depth of — 10km and 33 kms...'

It makes one wonder how Rose of Kaikoura gained the expertise to tell the difference between a natural earthquake and an artificial one? Did they drop leaflets: 'Made in the USA'? Has she got a contact deep within the US military or the CIA? Or has she simply stopped taking her medication? We don't know the answer since unfortunately Rose of Kaikoura's website forums are not open to the public, which rather defeats their professed desire to make their claims widely known, don't you think? Reading the comments from supporters following Swinney’s post are probably the most revealing insight into their paranoia and ignorance.

OK, so that in a nutshell are the claims behind chemtrails, what they are, why they're being created and who's behind them. We've also explained that, on examining these claims of the chemtrail proponents, there is no evidence that chemtrails exist or that a conspiracy exists to keep them secret. It's nonsense. You now know enough to confidently giggle when someone suggests we should be worried about them.


We need to realise that while we all live in the 21st century, many people still think like medieval peasants and gravitate towards ignorance and superstition, preferring simple answers over science and reason.

Yes, there have been occasions when authorities and governments and people we thought we could trust have lied to us and have even harmed us in some covert experiment or other. There have been real conspiracies, and we must always be skeptical of claims from everybody, not just authorities. But if there is no good evidence of a conspiracy or covert experiment, no good reason to believe we are lab rats, then the rational stance is to ignore baseless claims that we are being manipulated.

And the fact is that there is no evidence for chemtrail claims or an evil conspiracy. Yes, there are plenty of websites claiming that chemtrails are real, just as others claim alien abductions are real, that miracles by some long dead virgin called Mary are real, that homoeopathic cures are real, that silly gods are real, and — just to be different — that the moon landing wasn't real. But these websites and their photos of weird looking clouds are just the product of a real paranoia that drives them to believe that someone is deliberately attacking them, poisoning them, making them ill and perhaps even trying to kill them. Sighting a contrail they run screaming under their bed, and like Noah sending out a dove to see if the floods had receded (another fantasy by the way), they stay there until their cat, the intelligent member of their household, assures them that it's safe and coaxes them out.

Those of you reading this that still believe in chemtrails and their evil creators, regardless of evidence to the contrary, then perhaps the best we can do for you is to pass on this advice from Kay, a fellow believer in chemtrails:

For all of you under Chem trail attack, change to a lavender or lemon grass essential oil soap.
So there you have it. Chemtrails, such a complicated, devious and expensive attack by powerful forces, but so easily combated when you know how. Chemtrails it seems can be neutralised by nice smelling soap. What a paranoid, delusional lot these conspiracy theorists are.

Authors:   John L. Ateo,    Rachel C.
Copyright © 2011, by the 'SILLY BELIEFS' website. All rights reserved.

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